TS Codegen

TS Codegen

Elevate Frontend Development for CosmWasm Contracts

Generate Dev-Friendly TypeScript Classes for Smart Contract dApps.

Layer 1

Developer-Friendly Libraries

Generate simple TypeScript classes

Simplify Smart Contract Interactions

Easily interact with your smart contracts

Accelerate Frontend Development

Speed up frontend development

TS Codegen Features

Optimize your Cosmos development workflow

Simplified TypeScript Generation

Automate the conversion process from smart contracts to TypeScript.

Modular Code Structure

Generate modular and reusable TypeScript code for scalable development.

Frontend Empowerment

Generate comprehensive types for easy exploration and interaction with contracts by UI and frontend developers.

Easier Contract Interactions

Simplify the interaction with CosmWasm smart contracts through intuitive TypeScript classes.

React-Query Integration

Seamless integration with React-Query for efficient data fetching and state management.

Customizable Plugin System

Empower developers with a flexible plugin architecture for tailored TypeScript generation.

export default function Demo() {
  const { address, getCosmWasmClient, getSigningCosmWasmClient } = useChain(chainName);

  return (
      <SomeCoolComponent />

Effortless Smart Contract Conversion

TS Codegen streamlines the process of converting smart contracts into TypeScript code, simplifying development and saving valuable time and effort.

const { marketplace } = useContracts();

const marketplaceClient = marketplace.signingClient(marketplaceContract);

await marketplaceClient.updateAskPrice({
  collection: token.collectionAddr,
  price: {

Seamless TypeScript SDK Generation

TS Codegen seamlessly generates TypeScript software development kits (SDKs) for smart contracts, enabling smooth integration and interaction with the contracts in TypeScript-based projects.

TS Codegen

TS Codegen

TypeScript for CosmWasm