Build Frontend dApps on Osmosis and Cosmos

Focus on frontend development and let OsmoJS handle all encoding and complexity.

Layer 1

Swaps Made Easy

Simplified token swaps

Rapid Osmosis Integration

Streamline your integration with Osmosis

Streamlined Message Encoding

Pre-encoded proto and amino formats

OsmoJS Features

Optimize your Osmosis development workflow

TypeScript-Optimized Interface

Leverage the full power of TypeScript for enhanced development efficiency in the Osmosis ecosystem.

Advanced Swap Capabilities

Effortlessly execute token swaps with optimized, TypeScript-integrated functions.

Unlock the Power of the Osmosis Blockchain

Leverage OsmoJS to unlock the full potential of Osmosis for your blockchain applications

Secure and Reliable Message Broadcasting

Ensure the security and reliability of your message broadcasts using OsmoJS for robust blockchain communication

Interact with Smart Contracts

Seamlessly interact with CosmWasm smart contracts using OsmoJS for efficient smart contract operations

Achieve Seamless IBC Integration

Simplify IBC integration and communication using OsmoJS for seamless interoperability between blockchains

import { osmosis } from 'osmojs';

const {
} = osmosis.gamm.v1beta1.MessageComposer.withTypeUrl;

Simplified Blockchain Messaging

OsmoJS simplifies the process of composing and broadcasting Osmosis and Cosmos messages. It handles the encoding of proto and amino formats, making blockchain communication more accessible.

import { osmosis } from 'osmojs';

const { createRPCQueryClient } = osmosis.ClientFactory;
const client = await createRPCQueryClient({ rpcEndpoint: RPC_ENDPOINT });

// now you can query the cosmos modules
const balance = await{ address: 'osmo1addresshere' });

// you can also query the osmosis pools
const response = await client.osmosis.gamm.v1beta1.pools();

Effortless Integration with RPC Clients

OsmoJS seamlessly connects and interacts with RPC clients, facilitating smooth integration with blockchain networks. This simplifies the implementation of blockchain features and operations in applications.



Simplified Osmosis & Cosmos Integration