About Cosmology

Driven by Passion, Leading in Blockchain Innovation

At the heart of our ethos, we share your dedication and enthusiasm for the blockchain realm. Our mission is to innovate solutions that empower developers and creators, liberating your time to focus on crafting the future of blockchain.

The Cosmology Team

Meet the team

Dan Lynch

CEO & Founder

With a diverse background as an inventor, artist, and serial entrepreneur, Dan is widely recognized for his innovative contributions. His journey began in a humble apartment in Berkeley, where he founded amaze.co. Later, he founded Brandcast during his graduate studies at Berkeley, which successfully caught the attention of TIME and was subsequently acquired. Dan's renowned expertise and relentless drive for excellence continue to shape our company's success in the digital landscape.



Joon is a software engineer working on programming language design and implementation. He have been worked in Cosmos ecosystem, designed IBC and wrote code for Cosmos Hub.



A software junkie with a knack for Go, Python, Kubernetes, and all things dev tooling. I'm head over heels for cloud, scalability, and crafting awesome software. I've been diving into the Cosmos scene for 2 years, and trust me, I'm only just getting warmed up.



From leading dynamic teams to pioneering robust apps with Node.js, I seamlessly blend front-end flair with back-end prowess with a seasoned track record in software development. Passionate about exploring new tech terrains, I've mastered numerous programming languages, always poised to innovate and collaborate. I'm eager to contribute my diverse tech expertise to fresh, exciting ventures!



A technical gamer with passion and questioning spirit. Broadly interested in front-end and back-end technologies and algorithms.



Full stack JavaScript engineer. Love to build projects from 0 to 1


UI/UX Designer

With 10 years of design experience, Eser is well-versed in user experience and user research processes. This dedicated designer emphasizes user-centric design and respects human-centered principles, aiming to deliver satisfying designs to everyone.



Phat is a frontend engineer at Cosmology focused on developing an accessible and easy-to-use interface library. With 5+ years of experience building highly interactive web applications, he brings a strong foundation of JavaScript, React, and UX design skills to the project. His goal is to remove the barriers of entry for developers just getting started with blockchain development.



With an eye for aesthetics and an unwavering devotion to user experience, this tech wizard weaves enchanting interfaces that captivate and inspire.



Eason is passionate about technology, from hardware to software, from web2 to web3, he has always embraced new things with an exploratory mindset.