Chain Registry

Chain Registry

A Unified Store of Chains, Assets, and IBC Channels

Get everything from token symbols, logos, and IBC denominations for all assets you want to support in your application.

Cosmos Chain Data Repository

All-in-one hub for chain info

Token Information at Your Fingertips

Easy access to token symbols

Standardized Format for Consistency

Standard format for seamless integration

Chain Registry Features

Optimize your Cosmos development workflow

Comprehensive Chain Details

Repository with vital chain-related information in one place

Unified Data Resource

Organized store for streamlined management of chains, assets, and IBC channels

Enhanced Interoperability with IBC

Enables smooth interoperability with IBC transfer paths

Fast Asset Integration

Quick and easy integration of assets into applications with comprehensive info

Token Details Made Accessible

Easily retrieve token symbols, logos, and IBC denominations, enabling smooth integration of tokens into their applications

Community-Driven Knowledge Hub

Community-supported repository for comprehensive Cosmos ecosystem information

import { assets, chains, ibc } from 'chain-registry';

const assetList = assets.find(({ chain_name }) => chain_name === 'osmosis');


/* will output
  '$schema': '../assetlist.schema.json',
  chain_name: 'osmosis',
  assets: [
      description: 'The native token of Osmosis',
      denom_units: [Array],
      base: 'uosmo',
      name: 'Osmosis',
      display: 'osmo',
      symbol: 'OSMO',
      logo_URIs: [Object],
      coingecko_id: 'osmosis'
      denom_units: [Array],
      base: 'uion',
      name: 'Ion',
      display: 'ion',
      symbol: 'ION',
      logo_URIs: [Object],
      coingecko_id: 'ion'

Community-Driven Collaboration

The Chain Registry fosters a collaborative environment within the Cosmos ecosystem, enabling a unified developer experience and promoting knowledge sharing among projects.

import { ChainRegistryClient } from '@chain-registry/client';

// create an instance of ChainRegistryClient by passing in the chain names
const client = new ChainRegistryClient({
  chainNames: ['osmosis', 'juno', 'stargaze'],

// chain info, assets and ibc data will be downloaded dynamically by invoking fetchUrls method
await client.fetchUrls();
// get chain data
const chain = client.getChain('osmosis');
// get asset list
const assetList = client.getChainAssetList('osmosis');
// get ibc data
const ibcData = client.getChainIbcData('osmosis');

Accelerated Blockchain Integration

Developers can expedite the integration of different blockchains into their applications by leveraging the standardized chain information stored in the Chain Registry.

Chain Registry

Chain Registry

Chain and Asset Information