Transform Cosmos SDK Chains into TypeScript

Your Frontend Companion for Building with TypeScript with Cosmos SDK Modules.

Developer-Centric Design

Generate TypeScript libraries with ease

Automatic Code Generation

Codegen from Cosmos SDK Protobuf files

Simplified Transaction Handling

Easily encode, sign, broadcast messages

Telescope Features

Optimize your Cosmos development workflow

Comprehensive Blockchain Support at Your Fingertips

40+ Compatible blockchains for limitless development possibilities.

Seamlessly Integrate Cosmos with Frontend Frameworks

Supercharge your dApps with Telescope-generated TypeScript.

Bridge the Gap Between Teams

Facilitate seamless collaboration between blockchain and frontend teams, ensuring synchronized development efforts.

Automate Multi-Chain Client Package Creation

Effortlessly compose Appchains and their functionalities with Telescope.

Comprehensive Client Integration

Incorporate RPC/LCD and Tendermint/CometBFT clients seamlessly for data access.

Seamless Encoder Integration

Simplify transaction encoding with automated support for both Amino and Proto formats.

import { osmosis } from './codegen';

const main = async () => {
  const client = await osmosis.ClientFactory.createRPCQueryClient({ rpcEndpoint });

  // now you can query the modules
  const pool = await client.osmosis.gamm.v1beta1.pool({ poolId: '1' });
  const balance = await{ address: 'osmo1addresshere' });

Comprehensive Query Support

Telescope goes beyond transactional operations, providing support for RPC query classes and LCD/REST query classes. Developers can easily retrieve and manipulate data from Cosmos blockchains, enhancing the functionality of their applications.

import telescope from '@cosmology/telescope';

  rpcClients: {
    enabled: true,
  reactQuery: {
    enabled: true,
  mobx: {
    enabled: true,
}).then(() => {
  console.log('Transpilation successful!');

Plugin System

Telescope features a flexible plugin system that allows the generation of state management libraries for popular frontend rendering frameworks such as React. Integrating with React Query, MobX, and other frameworks becomes effortless, enhancing the user experience.



TypeScript for Cosmos SDK