Unified Testing and Development for the Interchain

Elevate your multichain development with Starship's integrated testing capabilities.

Multi-chain Simulations

Simulate and test chain interactions

Comprehensive Ecosystem Testing

Test your dApps across a simulated mini-cosmos

End-to-End Testing Environment

Embrace Test-Driven Development

Starship Features

Optimize your Cosmos development workflow

Full-Scale Ecosystem Simulation

Simulate complex user interactions and blockchain behaviors in a mini-cosmos environment.

TDD-Friendly Development

Incorporate Test-Driven Development seamlessly into your workflow for higher code quality.

Unleash the Potential of Multichain Use Cases

Unlock new possibilities in cross-chain applications with an intuitive and feature-rich development environment

Your All-in-One Solution for Interchain Development

Experience a seamless development journey across multiple blockchain networks with ease

Continuous Integration Support

Implement continuous integration processes for streamlined development and testing cycles.

Integrated Block Explorer and Chain Registry

Integrate your chain and explore transaction details and chain states.

  - name: osmosis-1
    type: osmosis
    numValidators: 1
      rest: 1313
      rpc: 26653
  - name: gaia-1
    type: cosmos
    numValidators: 1
      rest: 1317
      rpc: 26657

  - name: osmos-gaia
    type: hermes
    replicas: 1
      - osmosis-1
      - gaia-1

  enabled: true
    rest: 8080

  enabled: true
    rest: 8081

Multi-Chain Simulations

Multi-Chain Simulations: Through the simulation capabilities of Starship, developers can test and analyze interactions between multiple blockchain networks, ensuring interoperability and seamless integration of cross-chain applications. Starship provides a comprehensive environment for developing and testing interconnected blockchain applications, enabling seamless multichain development in a single platform.

yarn run e2e:tests

go test

cargo test

End-to-End Testing

With built-in support for end-to-end testing, Starship empowers developers to validate the functionality and reliability of their multichain applications across different blockchain networks. Developers can tailor their development workflows within Starship to align with their specific multichain use cases and requirements, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.



Interchain Testing Framework