Cosmos Kit

Cosmos Kit

Streamline Interchain Wallet Connections

Experience the convenience of connecting with a variety of web3 wallets through a single, streamlined interface.

Supporting 20+ Web3 Wallets

Station WalletOmni WalletFrontier WalletInitia WalletCompass WalletNinji WalletXdefi WalletShell WalletVectis WalletCoin98 Wallet

Swift Deployment

Deploy apps fast and stress-free

Seamless Integration

Sync with Cosmos wallets easily

Community Support

Thrive in a growing ecosystem

Cosmos Kit Features

Optimize your Cosmos development workflow

WalletConnect V2 Support for Mobile Wallets

Easily integrate mobile wallets into your application. No more struggling with manual configurations or outdated APIs.

Multi-Wallet Integration

Connect seamlessly with 18+ Cosmos-based wallets for enhanced interoperability.

React Wallet Adapter with Mobile Support

Use our wallet adapter to ensure your React apps are up to date and easily communicate with Cosmos blockchains.

Interchain Name System Implementation

Integrate the Interchain Name System (INS) to make transactions and identity management easier.

Cross-Chain Transactions

Facilitate smooth transactions across multiple Cosmos chains.

Flexible Design for Customization

Choose from standard or lite versions based on app needs and user experiences.

import { ChainProvider } from '@cosmos-kit/react';
import { wallets } from 'cosmos-kit';

function CosmosApp() {
  return (
      wallets={wallets} // supported wallets
      <YourApp />

Seamless Wallet Integration

Cosmos Kit provides a unified interface that seamlessly integrates with multiple Cosmos-based wallets, including Ledger, Keplr, Cosmostation, Leap, XDEFI, and more, simplifying the process of wallet connectivity for developers.

import { useChain } from '@cosmos-kit/react';

const { 
} = useChain('cosmoshub');

const res = await signAndBroadcast(messages, fee);

Efficient Message Handling and Broadcasting

With Cosmos Kit, developers can easily compose, sign, and broadcast messages to mutate the blockchain, thanks to its built-in support for loading Cosmos-based messages. This streamlined process accelerates the development of applications that interact with Cosmos blockchains and wallets.

Cosmos Kit

Cosmos Kit

Interchain Wallet Adapter